Cazzie Phillips


Cazzie Phillips cut her teeth as a broadcast journalist at the BBC. She’s since spent nearly thirty years in multimedia production, business and communications. With two boys of her own, Cazzie is passionate about optimising children’s health, education and well-being, and is honoured to be the Chair of the Peter Le Marchant Trust. She’s also rather partial to dark chocolate, but don’t tell the Rotters…

What’s your favourite food?

I love dishes that remind me of sunny days with family and friends. Eggs, greens and fish are my go-to, and I love cheese. I’m gluten free because I have to be, but if I could live on freshly baked bread and butter, I probably would!

How do you encourage children to clean their teeth?

My youngest son went through a phase of refusing to brush his teeth. One evening, I tried explaining how his teeth would decay if he didn’t clean them, and found myself saying, “The Rotters will come if you don’t brush every day!” He looked at me as if a monster had burst into the room, and from then on, these grime-loving gangsters never failed to encourage him to clean his teeth!

Do you like going to the dentist?

I’m perhaps in a minority, and really like going to the dentist. We always went together as a family, and it felt fun and interesting. I also like the smell!

Agnès Ernoult


Agnès Ernoult is a children’s book illustrator living in France. She loves to illustrate stories that are fun and imbued with a touch of magic. She creates all sorts of crazy, whimsical characters using her nib and her watercolour palette. Her work has been published in Australia, France, the US and the UK, and she enjoys working in advertising. Agnès believes that every tale she illustrates is akin to a journey into a new world, filled with deeper messages that children and parents can discover together. When she’s not painting, Agnès loves cooking odd recipes using wild greens from her garden.

What’s your favourite food?

As a kid my tastes were pretty similar to Finn’s! Sweets of all kinds, and cakes, cakes, cakes. The older I get the more grown-up my food tastes seem to be! A plate of cheese with a baguette and a salad is the best, or anything with sriracha sauce in it. Yuummm!

How hard is it for you to get your children to clean their teeth?

On a scale from 1 to 10? 8! My two girls are getting better and better, which implies not throwing the toothbrush in the sink after a 9-seconds brushing! But my toddler couldn’t care less. He’s all about the sweet taste of the paste.

Do you like going to the dentist?

Yes! We have a fab dentist who is a real life ‘Dr Joni Carey’, super gentle and kind with my kids, working in a sleek dental clinic. Her kindness helps so much to take the fear away!

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